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The Pennsylvania Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association (PTHA) works hard to protect and provide for the Parx Racing horsemen through the guarantee of live racing, horsemen’s rights, health care and pension for horsemen, benevolence programs, and more.


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Pennsylvania Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association (PTHA)

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Horsemen’s Bookkeeper Money

IMPORTANT for all horsemen who have accounts with the Horsemen’s Bookkeeper! You may have money sitting in your account that will soon be sent to the state. Please contact the Horsemen’s Bookkeeper at Parx Racing ASAP; otherwise the money will be held by the state. The Horsemen’s Bookkeeper may be reached via phone at 215-639-9000 x3315 or 3389 or fax at 215-639-8480.

Abumohor, Roberto and Castillo, OctavioPA
Acme Stable & Wild Horse Stables (Regina Brennan)PA
Adam Win Stable and Perna, Richie (Patrick Wall)PA
Alexander, Joann D.PA
Ali's Way Racing Stable LLC (Edward Phelps)PA
Allen, AinsleyPA
Almosta Farm (Marlin Miller & Kimberly Nowlen)PA
Bazeaos, PeterPA
Big M Stables (Marty Mornhinweg)PA
Bizzy B. Stable (Kenneth C. Bowman)PA
Byrnes, Michael and Estate of Richard BlockPA
Castillo, OctavioPA
Chisholm, Janet (Hillrise Farm)PA
Christ, Joshua A.PA
Clifford, Jr., Donald R.PA
Collazo, Victor O. and Astudillo, MarcioPA
Condrey, Tommy H. and Turkeyfoot Stables (Christy L. Potts)PA
D'Amico, Christopher and D'Amico, AshleyPA
Damasceno, LuigiPA
Damasceno, Nancy EllenPA
De Nenno, Donald E.PA
Divver Quinn Racing LLC & Enck Racing LLC (Douglas Enck)PA
Double J-B Racing Stable (James R. Brame)PA
Dubuc, Charles E.PA
E & C Stable (Eberd Estrada)PA
English, Edward T.PA
Everett, Charles W. and Grabel. HowardPA
Everett, Charles W. and High Grade Racing StablePA
Ferraira, FernandoPA
Ferreira, JudyPA
Fire N Ice Stable (Samuel Keyrouze)PA
Five Angry Clowns Stable (Michael Stache)PA
Friedman, Howard and Trin Brook Stables Inc. (Uriah St. Lewis)PA
Gordon, David and Wasserson, JamesPA
Gramiak, Bruce CPA
Gramiak, Michael and Girard, Robert J.PA
Green Ridge Racing (Harold Anderson Jr.)PA
Home Team Stables & Flynn, Edmond (Scott Lake)PA
HWH Thoroughbreds LLC (Elisa Pileggi)PA
Jester, Michael W. and Gasper, DonnaPA
Jones, Carl C.PA
Kennedy, Kenneth J.PA
Knable StablePA
Knable Stable & Long Ball Stables LLC (Robert Knable)PA
Kondor, Helen J.PA
L.E. Racing Stable LLC (Lyndon E.H. Evans)PA
Lomas, TheresaPA
Longball Stables LLC & Bres Racing Stable (Eberd Estrada)PA
Lyons, Nancy E. and LR Racing Stables LLCPA
M G B Racing LLC &Castillo, Michelle (Elizabeth Gory)PA
Martinez, Luis A.PA
Mayne and Tail StablePA
McHenry-Dommel, DenisePA
Menei, GabrielPA
Merchant, Thomas and Alexandria, et alPA
Miller, JennaPA
Moran, Michael R.PA
Morrison, E. MariePA
Naylor, Rebecca S.PA
O'Brien, Agnes P.PA
Par Five Stable LLC (Thomas Nash)PA
Park Avenue Stables (Victor T. Marano)PA
Pasceri, Bruno SPA
Pierce, KendallPA
Pointer, JodiePA
Pumpkin Head Stables (Larry Bunting)PA
Ramirez, FrederickPA
Ramos, Jorge I.PA
Rathman, MichaelPA
Raymond, Joanne E. and Abrams, Ronald B.PA
Red Baron's Barn and L A Thoroughbreds (Lisa Allen)PA
Rednilracing and Why Knot TRS LLC (Louis Linder Jr.)PA
Refuse 2 Lose LLC (Donna & Frank Perri Jr.)PA
Refuse 2 Lose LLC and Perri, GinaPA
Resto, OsmaryPA
Rogers, HeatherPA
Rosen, Mark JPA
Schurman, James and Klesaris, StevePA
Singh, Robin and Out & About StablePA
Smith, Thomas R.PA
Smith, Wright A.PA
Smokey's Run Farm (Teresa J. Garofalo)PA
Stix-N-Stones StablesPA
Thomas, Joseph R.PA
Tootie Racing Stable and Waldkoenig, GretchenPA
Turner, Allen Q.PA
Unlimited Thorobreds (Charles Everett)PA
Verratti, RobertPA
W. P. C. Stables LLC and Cringoli, Dominic (William P. Cook)PA
W.P.C. Stables LLC (Marijo & William P. Cook)PA
Wooleyhan, LindaPA
Young, Jay F. and Geist, David W.PA
Zarate, Alexis G.PA

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