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The Pennsylvania Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association (PTHA) works hard to protect and provide for the Parx Racing horsemen through the guarantee of live racing, horsemen’s rights, health care and pension for horsemen, benevolence programs, and more.


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Stable Employee Benefits

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Stable Employee Benefits

Stable Employee Benefits

When a stable employee is currently validated at Parx Racing, employed FULL TIME by a PTHA member trainer in good standing, is on said trainer’s employee registration form (located in the PTHA office), licensed as a stable employee and has been so employed for the previous six (6) months, the employee is eligible for Stable Employee Benefits.

Payroll records must be presented upon request prior to benefits being approved. If a stable employee receives a suspension or is unable to work due to illness or a non work-related accident and returns to Parx Racing to work when able to do so, then the time away will be considered involuntary. However, if after the absence a job is taken at another location, when the stable employee returns to Parx Racing the time away will be considered voluntary and benefits will be lost and eligibility must be reestablished. If bills are incurred during an involuntary absence the invoices will be considered for payment upon return to work FULL TIME at Parx Racing. If said employee relinquishes a stable employee license to obtain a trainer’s license, only the employee will be covered for six months or until eligible under the trainers’ 15 start rule, whichever comes first.

Any medical costs not exceeding $3,000.00 per individual per year will be paid for illness and/or treatment of non-self-inflicted injuries or voluntary conditions. Examples of conditions not covered: injuries sustained that should be covered under your trainer’s workmen’s compensation insurance. However, resources are available through the Pony Up program for conditions such as alcohol and/or drug dependency and mental disorders.

All requests for benefits shall be made on the Stable Employee Benefits forms obtained in the PTHA office and must be filed with the PTHA Benefits Coordinator prior to receiving treatment and/or admission to a medical facility, except in emergency cases. The trainer upon whose employee registration list and Security Badge List the claimant is recorded must verify the request and sign the request form indicating the individual is a full time employee, not freelance or part-time.

All payments will be made directly to hospitals, physicians, or whoever has provided the eligible services. If other health care coverage is available the Stable Employee Benefits will only pay that portion not specifically covered and only within the limits of these guidelines. The Stable Employee Benefits are NOT insurance and are never considered primary coverage. Reimbursements to claimants will only be made for emergency cases wherein providers demand payment and only if submitted within 90 days of the incident. Maximum coverage is per individual per calendar year. No pre-existing conditions will be covered. Coverage is limited to the availability of Stable Employee Benefit funds and to the limits set forth. Under no circumstances will workmen’s compensation cases be covered.

DENTAL – Maximum coverage $1,000.00 per individual per year.
OPTICAL – Maximum coverage $300.00 per individual per year.
CHIROPRACTIC – Included as medical.
PRESCRIPTIONS – Maximum coverage $500.00 per individual per year.
DEATH BENEFIT – Maximum coverage $2,500.00 is for burial only, and upon approval by the Board of Trustees.