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Pony Up

Sometimes it can feel like you’re swimming against a never-ending current while trying to overcome addiction. Just a handful of symptoms include:

Aggression • Anxiety • Avoidance • Blackouts • Criminal Activity • Defensiveness • Denial • Depression • Dizziness • Domestic Violence • Drinking to Cope with Problems • Financial Problems • Forgetfulness • Hallucinations • Headaches • Homelessness • Insomnia • Irritability • Lethargy • Loss of Interest in Favorite Activities & People • Memory Problems • Mood Swings • Numbness • Paranoia • Poor Coordination • Repetitive or Slurred Speech • Sepsis • Sexual Dysfunction • Thoughts of Suicide • Unusual Body Odors • Vision Problems • Weight Changes • Work Problems

Sound familiar? The PTHA is here to help with its Pony Up program, which is set up to guide backstretch workers toward a clear path for a new life.

The most difficult part of overcoming any dependency or personal struggle is seeking help. Pony Up offers a confidential and professional program for those who come to the PTHA asking for assistance. The PTHA has partnered with programs in Bucks County to support these individuals. Pony Up is a judgment-free program that promises discretion and compassion.

For more information, contact the PTHA office at (215) 638-2012 or email here.