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Beginning Monday, July 13th, Parx fans will be allowed outside on the apron to watch the races live! Concession stands and lounges are open, and while masks and social distancing are to be enforced, patrons can go in and out of the Grandstand to enjoy the fresh air and excitement of watching the horses race from the rail! The tunnel entrance will be open to all licensed personnel, who will submit to a temperature check and have their licenses on their person. Restricted areas, such as the Paddock and Winners' Circle, will remain closed to anyone except two people per horse running in

ATTENTION PARX OWNERS and TRAINERS Through this we have one piece of good news. When depositing checks into their Horsemen’s Accounts we held the funds for 14 Days. This policy has now changed - we will now hold these check deposits for 7 days. You will be able to access a link to Incompass financial Services to check your accounts from home. You need to establish a Universal ID and Password, so call the Horsemen's Bookkeeper's Office to get your Web Access Pin Number! Parx Horsemen’s Bookkeeper

Hello! My name is Dr. Danielle Smarsh, and I am an Equine Extension Specialist at Penn State University. I am reaching out to see if you can help out myself and my graduate student, Erin. We are conducting a survey of horses in Pennsylvania and their feeding and exercise management practices. The survey also looks at the prevalence of gastrointestinal diseases in horses and how these diseases are commonly managed. We have been running this survey since March, and we are hoping to get responses from across all horse disciplines in PA. So far, we have very little data for race horses