Turning for Home

TFH LogoTurning for Home is a 501(c)(3) non-profit group that has provided over 1,800 racehorses with a safe retirement since opening in May 2008. Realizing the industry’s need to protect the equine athletes who have worked so hard for their owners and trainers, the Pennsylvania Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association of Parx Racing established a true “insurance policy” for our retired Thoroughbreds. With the inception of Turning for Home, owners and trainers have a safe outlet for their retiring horses.

At Parx Racing, we truly do take care of our own. Unlike most retirement and rescue programs, the majority of our funding comes from Parx horse owners and jockeys, the PTHA, racetrack management, and the PA Horse Breeders Association. The Jockey Club and other national organizations have called Turning for Home a model program for other racetracks around the country.

36 Dress in DubaiTrainers who want to place a horse with Turning for Home need only fill out an information sheet and sign over the foal papers. The papers are then sent to the Jockey Club and stamped as “Not for Racing”, thus ensuring every horse placed with our program will never be able to race again. We do not refuse horses into our program that are lame or injured.

Photo - Thefivesecondrule 10 - IntakeBecause of our presence right here on the grounds of Parx Racing, we have the unique ability to quickly schedule emergency veterinary procedures. This enables some horses that otherwise may not have had a chance for a full recovery often go on to a second career with little or even no limitations.

Photo - Rolled Up 3 - After SurgeryAn average of four horses per week are examined by one of our veterinarians at the racetrack, including evaluations of any x-rays or ultrasounds.

Dr. Patty Hogan is a leading orthopedic surgeon who has supported our program since its inception, often examining films that are sent over for injured horses. Dr. Janik Gasiorowski of Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center has also stepped on board and consults on most of the cases. If surgery is suggested, we will work with one of the top equine hospitals in the region that are willing to perform the procedure at cost. This allows us to help many more horses that come through our program.

Photo - Meadow Cat 9 - FarmWhile Turning for Home is not a sanctuary, we do all we can to assure that every retiree has the opportunity to go on to a new career.

With the help of many organizations and our partner farms, we have been able to succeed in our mission. Our current horses can be seen here as well as on our Facebook page.

Re: Parx Racing’s Zero Tolerance Policy Towards Horsemen Responsible for Sending Horses to Auction/Slaughter/Kill Buyers

Any owner, member of an owner partnership, or trainer who is found responsible for sending a horse or horses to auction where they could be purchased by dealers/kill buyers for slaughter, or for sending a horse to slaughter will have his/her backstretch privileges revoked, will be denied entry to race for all horses owned in whole or in partnership, and said horses must be removed immediately from the Parx backstretch.

In the event that ownership of horse(s) is transferred, the transfer must be to a third party who is not family related to the original owner/owners, and an affidavit must be signed by the third party attesting to that fact.