Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center Open House & Golf Outing to Benefit Turning for Home

2015 MidAtlantic Equine Golf Outing

Turning for Home is grateful to be the beneficiary of this year’s Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center Open House, Golf Outing & Intern Farewell Gala. We are very appreciative of all the support that Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center gives to our horses. They have saved countless lives and we appreciate their dedication to our cause. Just a few of the horses they have assisted include Grizzle, Jaleos, Sixty Four Model, Star Factor and Sweet Medley.

For just $125, participants can play golf at Hillsborough Golf & Country Club (receiving a boxed lunch) and enjoy dinner at The Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center. The deadline for registration is Friday, May 29th. For more details, call 609-397-0078 or email Codi.

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