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Statement from USEA on the loss of Plantation Field

Statement from USEA on the loss of Plantation Field published in the Horse of Delaware Valley
September 17, 2020
UNIONVILLE, Pa.–The Horse of Delaware Valley received the statement at the bottom of this article from USEA following a telephone conversation with Rob Burk during which he said the USEA had worked all along to come to a mutually satisfactory resolution as to the use of the name Plantation Field.

Plantation Field
Plantation Field
However, in a letter to Eventing Nation dated Sept. 13 and signed by Rob Burk that The Horse received from a lawyer, Burk stated, “For your information, the USEA will be making clear moves to remove the use of the word plantation from our media, marketing and communications. Those moves will be made after we have been able to go through the proper channels and notify all involved with the competition and important stakeholders.”

The Horse was told that this was the final straw that caused Plantation Field owner Cuyler Walker to terminate the lease.

SINCE the article appeared on the website of The Horse yesterday, Sept. 16, The Horse has received numerous phone calls, tests and emails supporting The Horse’s article and stating support for Plantation Field and bemoaning the loss of this superlative eventing venue.

This email is typical of the type of communications received by The Horse, which are too numerous to include here.

Letter to the Editor:

I am personally outraged about this situation with Plantation Field, where I had the honor to complete at an amateur level & have had many friend also complete at both amateur & professional levels. To have watched this event grow over the past years has been a source of pride in our region. Where can we the people of the region who love Plantation Field contact National Eventing to let them know our displeasure with this atrocity. Please provide us who love plantation field with a way to fight back against this ridiculous over the top attack. Just where does this stop. This political correctness is going overboard.

Jennifer Yoder

A JOINT statement from the United States Eventing Association (USEA) CEO Rob Burk and USEA President Max Corcoran.

“Having this historic competition close isn’t the right result for the sport, and the USEA is working hard to find a solution. The organizer and landowners operate exceptional events on a beautiful piece of land. We are deeply sensitive to the history of the word “plantation” and its connection to slavery; however, this property has no known connections to slavery and was instead named after ‘plantings’ on the property. We understand that neither the organizer nor the landowners have ever intended to cause any discomfort related to the name of the event and to imply otherwise is a disservice to our organizers, landowners, and our sport. The USEA does not have the ability to require an event to change its name as we are required to carry the USEF licensed name of the competition on our calendar of events. However, we are hopeful that an acceptable solution to this issue can be reached.”


Rob Burk

Chief Executive Officer

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