KL Sport Horses

Location: Citra, NJ (winter)
Management: Kelly Lupton
Partner Since: 2013

Black Oak Farm has been breeding, raising, shipping, rehabilitating and boarding horses for over twenty years. The farm is located just outside of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

In just a few years of working with Turning for Home, Black Oak Farm has assisted more than 100 horses. The farm’s program is unique in that Kelly Lupton rides, markets and places the horses into new homes, while mother Gina Lupton handles the daily horse care and rehabilitation. Gina’s husband Jack Gordon regularly ships up and down the East Coast, making it simple to deliver adopted horses to their new homes. Follow-up on alumni is just as easy, as Kelly is in regular contact with all of her adopters.

Kelly graduated in 2016 from the University of Delaware with a degree in Criminal Justice and was on their softball team as a starting pitcher for four years. Following graduation, she fully dedicated herself to KL Sport Horses, which is based in New Jersey but winters in Citra, Florida. She competes in show jumping and hunter/jumper classes as a professional.

Available for Adoption at KL Sport Horses