Jumping H Farm

Location: Elkin, NC
Management: Nicole Huttar
Partner Since: 2014

Jumping H Farm was created 17 years ago by Nicole Huttar, who has been riding for over 35 years. Her love for horses began like many horse crazy young girls, but she was lucky enough to begin living the dream of owning horses as a teenager. In her early teens, riding one horse wasn’t nearly enough, so she began riding and training for people who had horses that needed more miles, had been soured, or were poor partnership matches.

That training eventually led to instructing these same people on how to ride and work with their own horses. Over the years, she has worked with and loved many breeds, but her passion lies with Arabians and Thoroughbreds. She says, “Let’s face it, I love my Arabians as much as my Thoroughbreds but at 5’9 I look a little funny riding some of them!”

At the age of sixteen, Nicole purchased her first OTTB, King Solomon (racing name Stich n Stich), and the two competed through Training level eventing before his retirement in his mid-twenties. Solomon lived as the Patriarch on Jumping H Farm until the ripe old age of 34. After Solomon’s passing in 2005, Nicole concentrated on training and showing her clients’ horses. Her showing career ranged anywhere from the circuit A breed shows (Quarter Horse, Appaloosa, Arabian) to dressage, eventing, and even the occasional hunter/jumper show. She would bring in the occasional project horse or rescue horse to rehabilitate, retrain and rehome, but most of her focus was with students and training horses for clients.

In 2010 while looking at horses for a client, Nicole stumbled across Murderinthefirst on Turning for Home’s website, and she fell in love at first sight. Her partnership with Murder rekindled her passion for the Thoroughbred breed. In the past few years, Nicole has mainly focused on rehabbing OTTBs for new careers, and then rehoming them. She began her partnership with Turning For Home in early 2014, and is excited to be able to help these incredible OTTBs develop new careers off the track.

Available for Adoption at Jumping H Farm