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The Pennsylvania Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association (PTHA) works hard to protect and provide for the Parx Racing horsemen through the guarantee of live racing, horsemen’s rights, health care and pension for horsemen, benevolence programs, and more.


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Pennsylvania Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association (PTHA)

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NY Slaughter rulings

With awareness and careful tracking, programs such as Turning for Home have made an enormous impact, with our racehorses no longer able to go directly to slaughter facilities of “known kill buyers”. The total Thoroughbred percentage is down to 4.6%, and we suspect many of them are older, sold from adopter homes as our rules have been in place for nearly 15 years. But, it still needs to be accepted across the board that our racehorses deserve better, and shipping to slaughter is not acceptable on any terms for the horses who have carried us into the modern world. Pennsylvania is working hard to support the SAFE Act, and watching the latest developments to come up with an acceptable solution to this problem.

Turning for Home was established in 2008 to address this problem when US Slaughterhouses were closed, and we continue to work to rehabilitate, retrain, rehome and follow our horses to always offer an alternative to dumping any of our ex-racehorses. We will always take any TFH horse back. The PTHA, Parx Racing, PA Breeders, and our jockeys and owners spend a considerable amount of their money each year providing alternatives as second careers for our retiring racehorses.