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Champion Spirit

Beatumhome at Parx Racing

Beatumhome at Parx Racing

By Kelsey Necowitz

The day I got Champ was December 8th, 2012, as a Christmas gift. At the time, I had only just begun to become a serious rider, before it was just a hobby to me and something to look forward to whenever I had a lesson. With all of my heart, I thank Kathy Adams, my Eventing Trainer, for pushing me to move forward in not only stride length, but also in life. Kathy showed me the value of bonding and working as a team; to have a bond with your horse is powerful and moving. Each day that goes by our bond grows as well as our skill. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer to help me with my horse.

Champ’s original show name when he came to us was Happy Feet. I was definitely not keeping that name considering it was a penguin, so I set out to come up with a new name. His barn name was already Champ and I did not feel the need to change that, so I decided to incorporate that into his show name. Looking at this horse, I saw potential. Though I had no idea how far we will go, I knew I saw something. My Grandfather passed away the 29th of November, 9 days before I received my horse as a surprise. Looking at my young 8 year old Thoroughbred, I saw my Grandfather. I had feelings of his champion blood coursing through his veins, and I felt my Grandfather’s presence in him, so that is how my mother and I came up with his current show name, Champion Spirit. I think it suits him.

Kelsey and Beatumhome

Kelsey and Beatumhome

Six days a week, I am at the farm riding in any kind of weather conditions to build up my horse’s trust and love towards me. It wasn’t until recently that he actually started to change. Now he is more playful and he always welcomes you at the door. It is astonishing to see the difference. I am very proud of our partnership and I have no idea where I would be right now if I did not take the path of riding. But I am glad that I came down this path that life has given me because moving up a level with a high spirited champion is exhilarating.

With the short amount of time we have been together, I have gone to State Championships for Training Levels Two and Three. It was a long day at that show because by the time we got home everything was soaked from how bad it was raining. I would have won that day if I hadn’t forgotten to leave my crop outside of the ring. Being eliminated made me really upset, both for me and for Champ. Well, I know I won’t make that same mistake again.

Web Beatumhome 6Before the Championships, Champ and I had our first horse trial at Old Hope Maryland. Our final score was 31.2, taking first place, and one of our competitors who took second place got 38.7. It was a fantastic achievement!

I had only taken Champ off of the farm three times since I have owned him, and all three of those times were from last years show season (Summer of 2014). In all three competitions I had gotten the highest scores in our division. Champ and I showed many times at our farm, Somewhere Farm NJ, where Kathy Adams hosts Hunter and Dressage Competitions. So if I was not traveling, then I was also showing in the Hunter Classes to gain more experience.

Champ and I have worked really hard this winter to move up to First Level. This show season is going to be epic!

“With hard work, dedication, and love, a team can accomplish the most amazing dreams!”

For more photos of Beatumhome, now known as “Champ”, in his second career with adopter Kelsey, visit his Success Story page here.

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