Tessie T

Tessie-T-ThumbNickname: “Taps”
Birthdate: May 6, 2005
Gender: Mare
Color: Dark Bay
Pedigree: Tricky Mister-Children’s Rights, by Five Star Flight
Career Race Record: 2-0-0-0 for $760
Last Race: September 8, 2008 at Philadelphia Park
Partner Farm: N/A
Adopter: Kerstin C. of Mt. Laurel, NJ

“Tessi T is renamed Star Spangled and called Taps in the barn. She is a crowd pleaser everywhere she goes. Just like any other woman, she is opinionated, stubborn, and always right. She wins each time she competes but is always commanding attention with her antics. She is the best athlete I have ever ridden and tries harder than any horse could. She truly loves to jump. When I first started competing her, my trainer at the time entered her in hunters. This is judged on form and technique of the horse. She would win every class and then just because she could, rear up and paw the air during her jumping round just because she could. She would come back to the ground and finish jumping just as quiet and smooth as she started. This was when we discovered she was bored. So that was when Taps started doing the jumpers. These are courses that are timed. She will enter the ring and wait for the buzzer very calm and quiet. Once she hears the buzzer, now that she understands what it means, she shoots off into her forward canter for round one and off we go. I always need to make sure I’m ready because she starts and is on a mission. Once round one is complete and we leave up the jumps, we wait for the second buzzer which signals the time shortened course. This little horse turns sharper and jumps better, and runs faster than her competition! As long as her owner doesn’t make mistakes to de-rail her, Taps usually wins, then walks out of the ring to applause which…trust me…she LOVES TO HEAR PEOPLE CLAPPING. She grows about six inches and prances out.

Every trainer I have her with has commented on her brilliance over jumps and how natural she is at it. Some of the best trainers around have commented on her ability. Taps even had an Olympic Eventing rider wanting to purchase her for her own competition horse.

Taps is my best friend. I have her brother also and he’s a lot like her when it comes to little things. They both paw the air and dunk their entire heads in water buckers & even throw little tantrums the same way.

This little mare…the horse everyone overlooks because she is sort of plain and small, and flies under the radar until you see her in the ring. She is currently coming back from ankle surgery but she will try to compete at both international shows at the end of 2014 and hopefully Devon Horse Show in 2015. As long as she loves it we will continue to jump. She is awesome and I can’t thank you enough for letting me have her.” -Kerstin C.