Spirit of Cochise

Spirit-of-Cochise-ThumbNickname: “Cochise”
Birthdate: May 28, 2005
Gender: Gelding
Color: Dark Bay
Pedigree: Tribal Rule-Exposee, by Expressman
Career Race Record: 37-7-8-4 for $298,216
Last Race: January 8, 2013 at Parx Racing
Partner Farm: After the Races
Adopter: Jen & Madison S. of Pittsgrove, NJ

“March 18th 2014 marks our first year with Spirit of Cochise as part of our family. I will never forget the day we met up with Bonnie at the ‘After the Races’ facility last March… That was the day I first met Cochise. I am a 44 year old mother of two children… my daughter Madison is twelve years old and completely horse crazy. She has been riding since she was 3 years old… and I have been riding since I was about 8 years old. Originally I was browsing the horse market for a well-rounded Quarter Horse/TB for myself…something that I could do some entry level Dressage with… and maybe show a few open events here and there but I could not find anything on the market that suited me. I had been searching for almost two years. I did not want to spend over $5,000.00 on a horse…and I could not find anything! Then one day I came across the ‘After the Races’ website, and started browsing through the many horses up for adoption…. And that is how Cochise came into our life. I took my mother with me the day I met up with Bonnie Hutton who introduced us to Cochise. When she brought him out and clipped him to the cross-ties I knew right then and there he was coming home with me! Cochise is a dark bay…almost black… he stands at about 16.1…and is a very ‘Proud’ horse with tons of personality and confidence…. And honestly I was just a little bit intimidated by him. Cochise knows he is handsome, strong, and intelligent. Non-horse people would never understand this, but I have to say that this horse thinks like a human…. It’s a little creepy honestly. Even from the beginning when I just started riding him…if I ‘thought’ left he would turn left…if I ‘thought’ right he would turn right !!!! The first week I rode him was just basic groundwork…walk, trot, canter…. And I was blown away at how smart this horse was, how soft his mouth was, and how well he listened to my voice commands. Even more amazing is how I can pull him from the field after weeks of not riding him…saddle up…and get right on! He is confident in me…and I am confident in him..now that’s a pretty amazing relationship for two beings who barely know each other!

In July I entered Cochise in an entry-level Dressage show where we scored a 59.375. Our main faults were bending issues…which I thought was completely understandable considering that is foreign to him! Over the summer months of 2013 both my daughter and I had taken several first place ribbons home thanks to Cochise…the most surprising blue won was for ‘Showmanship’ which is an ‘in-hand’ class! Who says you can’t teach an ex-race horse how to square up and perform a 180 turn?! We have high hopes for the 2014 season… Cochise and I will be showing more Dressage, and my daughter Madison and Cochise will be showing the Green Hunter division.

We recently began working Cochise over small cavalettis…his back was a bit sore when we first got him naturally, but with patience and time he is now a happy and willing horse who wants to please and hasn’t refused any new obstacles that we have put him up to. I cannot say enough about him…. I am amazed by how far he has come along, and how quickly he has learned. Cochise has a drastically different, new, amazing life with us…he is calm and sweet and truly happy. Actually, I consider myself the one who is blessed to have Cochise in my life. Please enjoy the two movies that my daughter has made of Cochise… I’m sure you will agree that the love shared is mutual.” -Jen S.


Spirit of Cochise and Madison were named Series High Point Dressage Thoroughbred (Overall) at the Southern Garden State Dressage Society Series Championships in 2015! Also in the NJ State 4-H finals, they took fourth and fifth place and participated in the finals for the English Halter class. Congratulations!