Speight Me

Web-Speight-Me-Thumb2Nickname: “Spidey”
Birthdate: February 2, 2009
Gender: Gelding
Color: Chestnut
Pedigree: Speightstown-Merit, by Meadowlake
Career Race Record: 19-2-2-3 for $40,054
Last Race: June 7, 2014 at Penn National Race Course
Partner Farm: After the Races in Nottingham, PA
Adopter: Jeannie W. of Centreville, VA

“Speight Me goes by “Spidey” now. Nobody could stand calling such a gentle horse anything that sounded like “Spite”! He almost got called “Smee” (as in Capt. Hook’s lackey), but that was too hard to call in the field. Spidey is still sorting out his tenderfoot issues (farrier and vet agree it’s just time and maintenance now), so he hasn’t been up for marching on asphalt recently. But he will be great at parades – you’ll find photos of pool noodles and hanging streamers on our obstacle course. He doesn’t even blink at them, teeter-totters, or anything. Except Big Rocks. Big Rocks are scarrrrrrrrrry.” -Jeannie W.

December 2015 Update:
“Very proud of the pony today! Fourth in Adult Hunter Pleasure walk/trot, second in w/t/go as you please and w/t/canter. I like to think the judge liked our no-hands trot-walk transitions, and that our “as you please” was a steady Eddy walk even when the draft horse damn near ran into us at canter. (Almost nobody walks, which is a shame.) She also clearly didn’t see our break in canter…. Couldn’t be happier with my boy!!!” -Jeannie W.