Sea Prize

Web-Sea-Prize-Thumb2Nickname: “Petey”
Birthdate: April 25, 2008
Gender: Gelding
Color: Chestnut
Pedigree: Pure Prize-Vina Del Mar, by Theatrical [IRE]
Career Race Record: 7-0-1-0 for $2,815
Last Race: May 26, 2011 at Calder Race Course
Partner Farm: South Jersey Thoroughbred Rescue & Adoption, Inc.
Adopter: Kristy C. of Whitehouse Station, NJ

“I certainly did adopt Sea Prize in 2011 and he is a complete success story. He is the most amazing horse and I have tons of photos and videos of him. I take him on trail rides, to shows, he jumps, started eventing, hunter paces, and even rode on the beach! He is just the sweetest and kindest horse. Here are some pics of my love bug Sea Prize. I don’t have kids but I imagine this is what people do when someone asks to see pics of them! He has morphed from a young goofy kid into such a wonderful horse. He is sound and sane and curious about things. I adopted him in August three years ago and immediately took him down the road on trails, to a set of local horse shows where he was a rock-star and to the beach before winter hit. He has such a pleasant demeanor and he makes me super happy. He is a happy and confident horse who prefers to lead the way on new adventures. In the spring of his 4 year old year we had our only hiccup. While we were training to go to our first eventing show he began to head shake. I changed his bits and bridles and saddles. Nothing made it better. He actually progressed quickly to a more violent head shaker. I brought him to my clinic and we scoped his upper airway and found abnormal tissue. The biopsy was sent to Cornell and came back as nasal lymphoma. I cannot tell you how devastated I was. I began to nebulize him daily with steroids and we researched options for this type of cancer. He became my big spoiled baby that I just fed treats to non-stop. In a very strange twist of fate I received an amended report 2 weeks later after the lab used a phenotyping technique to confirm his diagnosis. The new report identified his biopsy as histamine cells as a result of severe allergies. After an allergy test confirmed that he is reactive to nearly every tree, bush, shrub and spore found in the Northeast, I started him on the allergy shots and his symptoms improved. Now he is off of the shots and needs one dex packet or so each spring when the grasses come up and the trees bloom. Other than that he has been perfect. I am truly lucky to have him and my other 2 horses in my life. Thank you for what you do!” -Kristy C.