Important Equine Coalition Survey

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Dear Member,

We need your help. By completing the attached survey, and returning it as quickly as possible, you can help us combat legislative proposals in Harrisburg that will harm Pennsylvania’s horse racing, breeding, and agriculture industry.

There are two major issues impacting our industry that could be voted on by our state representatives and senators in the coming weeks. First, we are concerned – as we are each budget cycle — by the potential for the legislature to divert funds from the Race Horse Development Fund, which provides money for purses and breeder incentives.

The second major concern, and an issue that could have a long-term impact, is the potential for the legislature to approve gaming expansion in the form of Video Gaming Terminals (VGTs) at bars and tavern, internet gaming, or smaller satellite casinos with slots machines. That expanded gaming would decrease slots revenues at our racetrack casinos, which fund the Race Horse Development Fund.

As your advocate on these issues, we are working to ensure that the Race Horse Development Fund is not adversely impacted in either the budget or gaming expansion legislation. But we need your help.

Your responses to this survey will help us to demonstrate how a broad range of companies and businesses benefit from the existence of the racing and breeding industry. This includes contractors who perform work on farms, truck and trailer dealers, blacksmiths, veterinarians, tack and feed providers, and various other businesses that you utilize as a horse owner or breeder.

You will note that the survey is from the Pennsylvania Equine Coalition. The Coalition is made up of Pennsylvania’s 6 thoroughbred and standardbred horsemen and breeder organizations, including our own organization. The Equine Coalition allows the state’s horse racing community to advocate on legislative and policy issues with a unified voice.

The information gathered through this survey will enable us to reach out to suppliers and vendors to urge them to join us in advocating for the protection of the horse racing industry, which supports their own businesses. By creating more advocates, and showing the breadth of our economic impact, we can be more effective in fighting for our members’ interests.

Please rest assured that we will not release any information related to your internal business operations without your permission that is to any other horsemen, breeder, or anyone else.

A few minutes of your time could help make a major difference in our efforts to successfully fight these threats to our industry. Thank you for your support and taking the time to complete this survey.

Equine Coalition Survey – PDF

Equine Coalition Survey – Microsoft Word