Hunter’s Score

Hunter's-Score-ThumbNickname: “Hunter”
Birthdate: March 10, 2007
Gender: Gelding
Color: Chestnut
Pedigree: Even the Score-She’s a Warrior, by Crafty Friend
Career Race Record: 14-3-2-2 for $52,725
Last Race: February 20, 2011 at Parx Racing
Partner Farm: South Jersey Thoroughbred Rescue & Adoption, Inc.
Adopter: Gary W. of Sunrise Beach, MO

“I have Hunter and his life is very good. He has half of a large three-sided barn and 40 acres of grass and his own hay bale feeder. There are two horses in the 40 acres beside him to “talk” to but not able to bite each other. He gets his hoofs trimmed every quarter and has enjoyed good health all the time I have had him.

Hunter had to learn about the great outdoors, what a creek is, what a deer is, what a turkey is, etc. He was very trainable and easy to work with “on the ground”. He is full of life and you have to stay alert out in the pastures and the trees. He is pretty calm in a pen when under saddle. He seems comfortable with Western equipment until it gets cold. I will ride Hunter once a week for an hour.

I don’t feed Hunter grain except as a treat. I can holler at him and he will gallop in from anywhere on the 40 acres. Lots of time spent just messing with him in the bar during the winter.” -Gary W.