Exciting Times

Exciting-Times-ThumbNickname: “Eddie”
Birthdate: April 21, 2002
Gender: Gelding
Color: Gray
Pedigree: Sea of Secrets-Stimulator, by Icecapade
Career Race Record: 74-7-14-6 for $180,878
Last Race: September 22, 2010 at Delaware Park
Partner Farm: South Jersey Thoroughbred Rescue & Adoption, Inc.
Adopter: Pam M. of Blue Anchor, PA

“Eddie is the farm’s favorite!!! Eddie is a sweetheart. He is a clown! He plays like no other horse we have had. He has three balls and encourages his other OTTB to play. He is known to go up and nip the other horses when they are sleeping and pretend he didn’t do it. He is a love bug! Of all the horses, if I call he comes, no matter what. His favorite thing is candy canes. He paws for them. We have tons of funny photos and would love to share.

A little history…my daughter has physical handicaps. The only sports or activity she can participate in is horseback or swimming. She has a horse trained for her. Once her horse came here, my husband and I decided to adopt OTTBs as companions. Eddie will spend the rest of his life here. His personality has helped every OTTB that has come here readjust. He has taught them how to play and live life. Eddie gets along with everyone and anyone.” -Pam M.