Dixie Gray

Dixie-Gray-ThumbNickname: “Dixie”
Birthdate: January 26, 2008
Gender: Gelding
Color: Gray
Pedigree: Exchange Rate-Blinding Element, by Quiet American
Career Race Record: Unraced
Last Race: N/A
Partner Farm: South Jersey Thoroughbred Rescue & Adoption, Inc.
Adopter: Christine G. of Mercerville, NJ

“Dixie is an incredible horse! He was meant to be mine. I have worked with several horses off the track and he is the most easygoing, quiet thoroughbred that I have ever worked with. I currently own him and two other horses…a Quarter Horse and another OTTB. I have had my other thoroughbred for about seven years. She’s my baby. Before I met Dixie she was my world. About two years ago she was diagnosed with EPM. She went through all the treatment and everything but still was not right, so I ended up retiring her. This totally broke my heart. About two months after she was diagnosed my husband told me that the next year we would get me a new horse since I could no longer rider her. Well I started looking because I wanted to find a horse exactly like her, and I thought it was going to take a very long time to find a horse like her.

Dixie was the first horse we went to look at. I didn’t even ride him. I saw him out in the ring just walking around and just looking in his eyes I knew something was special about him. I begged my husband and he finally agreed to it and we brought him home. When we brought him home, he walked off the trailer like he had been at our farm forever. We put him in the field and you would expect most three-year-old thoroughbreds to run around like crazy when they arrive at their new home. Not Dixie, he just walked the fence line once and put his head down and started grazing. I was blown away by his calm temperament. The next day I decided to just start lunging him. He had no idea how to lunge but he caught on in like five minutes and was acting like a pro within ten minutes. Again I was blown away by his calmness and how smart he was. The next day I came out I decided to try a saddle on him. I ride western, so for him going from a jockey saddle to a western saddle, that’s a huge difference. He took to the saddle like a pro. Even my mare had an issue going in the western saddle at first. Again I lunged him and he was better than he was the day before. My four-year-old son absolutely LOVED him and was anxious to get on him. He kept asking when he could get on him. The way he was lunging I saw no harm in giving him a pony ride. So my four-year-old son was the first person to ride him. And he walked around with him on his back like an old school horse. He is definitely something special.

Since then I have been working with him in western pleasure. He’s a Pro and loves his new job. I was also pregnant again and had another little boy and when I was pregnant I had someone riding him for me. She started him over jumps and he loves to jump. She’s had him to two shows and in both shows he turned heads. People kept coming up to me and asking me where I got him from. He came home Champion in both shows. I am hoping to show him myself next year if my son is not showing his pony. Dixie is definitely a special, one of a kind horse who was meant for me. He is absolutely perfect, and I couldn’t ask for something better!” -Christine G.