Bushwacker Joe

Bushwacker-Joe-ThumbNickname: “Joey”
Birthdate: February 19, 2009
Gender: Gelding
Color: Bay
Pedigree: City Place-Golden Ms Sword, by Goldwater
Career Race Record: 3-0-0-0 for $1,500
Last Race: April 3, 2012 at Parx Racing
Partner Farm: After the Races
Adopter: Lindsey C. of Monkton, MD

“We love Joey, he’s doing great! We purchased him as a horse for our daughter to grow into a few years down the road. Our plan was to give him some time to finish growing and then start him in training as a show horse. He has yet to stop growing though and is now about 16.3 so we’ve gone really slow with him. Seems like every time he starts to fill out he then shoots up again. Anyway he is mostly going cross country right now with my husband just taking it easy. He is learning to jump logs and things. He actually is quite good at it and has jumped out of our pasture over the line fence. Our fence is 5’3″ so I think he’ll make a fine jumper one day. We joke about how we are taking it easy with him and then he’s jumping out. He also was jumping the coop and telephone pole jumps as well. All this jumping appears to just be for fun as he just stands on the other side or jumps himself back in. My daughter who is now 12 and weighs about 65lbs rides him around the yard bareback and leads him in and out. He is the perfect gentleman! She does not yet ride him for real since he is still a four year old and does have a few tricks now and then. He seems very happy living with four show ponies. He’s definitely the biggest one!” -Lindsey C.