Burning Calories

Burning-Calories-ThumbNickname: “Ember”
Birthdate: May 21, 2005
Gender: Mare
Color: Chestnut
Pedigree: Victory Gallop-Unreal Cupcake, by Unreal Zeal
Career Race Record: 45-8-8-12 for $236,550
Last Race: April 23, 2012 at Parx Racing
Partner Farm: After the Races
Adopter: Megan S. of Ithaca, NY

“I hope I’m not sending too many pictures! I have actually adopted three horses from After the Races, and I understand that they all came from Turning for Home. Almost two years ago, I got Flight to Eden and C’est La Fleet. One year ago I got Burning Calories, or “Ember” as we call her (the barn name she got at AtR).

Unfortunately, there is an incredibly heartbreaking bit of news. In late September of 2012 I lost C’est La Fleet to an impaction colic/volvulus. She was such a beautiful girl, and we (my kids and I) all loved her very much.

The horses are wonderful. They have been so easy to work with, it is obvious that they have been handled with love and caring all of their lives. Ember is such the professional girl. Once she has some tack on, she is all business. She is also very helpful when I am (or the farrier is) picking her feet; she lifts her feet in order, without being asked. When the farrier works on her front feet, she very gently rests her head on his back. She’s been on some trail rides, after doing some arena work, and she was great. The woods freaked her out a little on the first ride, but she just gets better and better. She learns very quickly, and has a great work ethic. Flight is just a big, loveable goofball. He loves the ladies in his “harem” (he is turned out with Ember, another OTTB mare from Finger Lakes and a two year old filly.) He also had his first trail rides this Fall, and he was just perfect, never offered to be anything but great. I would be comfortable having any of my kids on him. One thing that has completely melted my heart is that he seems to recognize my voice, and if he hears me before he sees me, he’ll snap to attention and come running. He is my buddy.

I am so grateful that Turning for Home and After the Races exist, and that wonderful trainers and owners were so caring to envision a new life for their horses. I am doing my best to continue that care in Flight’s and Ember’s second careers as pleasure horses.” -Megan S.